Common Retrospective Challenges

I often hear about poorly run retrospectives. Below, I’ll describe a few different common problems and some ways I have addressed them. Beyond what I list below, you may want to learn more abut how good facilitation can help any team. Common Challenge #1: Skipping The Retrospective The most common challenge for the practice of… Continue reading Common Retrospective Challenges

Retrospectives for Everyone – CodeMash 2016 – Resources

Materials Slides: Retrospectives for Everyone Photos from Session The Path to Nirvana 1: Now The Path to Nirvana 2: Next Step The Path to Nirvana 3: Ideal State The Flying High Technique Resources Online Retrospective How-Tos 7 Step Agenda for an Effective Retrospective: Ben Linders: Designing Valuable Retrospectives: Ben Linders: Which Questions do… Continue reading Retrospectives for Everyone – CodeMash 2016 – Resources