Retrospectives for Everyone – CodeMash 2016 – Resources


Slides: Retrospectives for Everyone

Photos from Session

The Path to Nirvana 1: Now

Where your team is now

The Path to Nirvana 2: Next Step

What’s the very next step you can take towards the ideal state

The Path to Nirvana 3: Ideal State

The perfect team environment

The Flying High Technique

Identifying challenges within the team’s control and challenges at the organizational level




  • Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great by Esther Derby and Diane Larson
  • Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your Retrospectives by Ben Williams and Tom Roden
  • Fun Retrospectives by Taina Caetano and Paulo Caroli
  • Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rule Breakers and Change Makers by Dave Gray
  • Getting Value out of Retrospectives by Luis Goncalves and Ben Linders
  • The Retrospective Handbook by Patrick Kua
  • Retrospectives for Organizational Change by Jutta Eckstein

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