Retrospectives for Everyone – CodeMash 2016 – Resources

Materials Slides: Retrospectives for Everyone Photos from Session The Path to Nirvana 1: Now The Path to Nirvana 2: Next Step The Path to Nirvana 3: Ideal State The Flying High Technique Resources Online Retrospective How-Tos 7 Step Agenda for an Effective Retrospective: Ben Linders: Designing Valuable Retrospectives: Ben Linders: Which Questions do… Continue reading Retrospectives for Everyone – CodeMash 2016 – Resources

The Importance of Done

A team I have been working with recently has reached a milestone. When I first started working with this team, most work would get to “development complete” but would linger in QA for multiple sprints or would not pass Product Owner approval so the work never got to “done.” This particular team had experienced a… Continue reading The Importance of Done