Allow me to introduce myself. I am Carina Silfverduk, agile coach. I am an experienced Software Engineer specializing in Web Applications with excellent communication, collaboration and leadership skills. I am passionate about Agile and Lean, growing and appreciating your greatest asset, the people in an organization, and elegant software solutions.

I have spent most of my career in development of software and web applications – primarily developing enterprise web applications for a variety of employers, small business clients, non-profits and individuals.

Enthusiastic and people oriented, I am a great addition to any team, but am especially adept at helping teams transition towards becoming more agile.

A team cannot simply adopt practices because they are what are considered agile, we must also transform mindset – individual, team, departmental and organizational. Further, consider the specific needs for the organization, team and individual to make agile work for everyone impacted.

I believe strongly in learning: adaptive, iterative development and continuous improvement in a VUCA world.