Hybrid Agility Challenges Part 3: Bias

Long overdue for another installment in Hybrid Agile teams. Let’s talk about bias. As the pace of change increases, deliberately taking time to think outside of doing becomes even more important. Some call this getting off the dance floor and into the balcony.

Hybrid Agility Challenges Part 2: Different timezones make things harder.

Last month at Code Mash, I spoke about making hybrid agility work. When I talk about hybrid agility, I do not mean agile-waterfall hybrid. I mean when some folks are on site and some folks aren’t or when a team is not collocated. This can include distributed teams, or teams that have the freedom to… Continue reading Hybrid Agility Challenges Part 2: Different timezones make things harder.

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2023 Year in Books

I had a goal to read 80 books in 2023. I was trying to slow down my reading but I blew past that goal to read over 100 books. This is the general average for me so I feel fine about it.

As usual, reading a lot means I found some great books to share. Check out my year in books here.

Here are my top 10 books for business and useful nonfiction that I read in 2023:

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What is agile anyway?

I’ve taken an extended break from writing. Life happened. The pandemic happened. I needed some time to take care of myself for a while. And while I am not making many promises to write regularly, I left tonight’s joint event with Columbus Product Club and Women in Agile Columbus feeling like I actually had something… Continue reading What is agile anyway?

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Masks Create Challenges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

In latest developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is wearing masks. This creates significant challenges for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, however. If you know me, you probably know my mother was born profoundly deaf. Having a deaf parent affords me the ability to empathize, at least a little, with people who need inclusive design. Though… Continue reading Masks Create Challenges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Surviving Coronavirus – Lists

I’m going to break from my norm of keeping my content almost entirely professional here, and talk about something pretty personal. This is intended to share resources that helped me during my journey. Maybe they will help you too. I tested positive for COVID in March, and I am now on week 5. It’s been… Continue reading Surviving Coronavirus – Lists

Create a Virtual Team Lobby or Team Room

With the move to remote work for so many, including myself, an idea occurred to me. Likely, your teams and colleagues are using many new tools and connecting in different ways if you were previously and primarily co-located. Over the last two weeks, I’ve collected and cataloged tools, articles, and resources on overdrive to support… Continue reading Create a Virtual Team Lobby or Team Room