Agile Principles for Everyone

Based on the 12 Agile Principles and adapted for any delivered value.

  1. Early and continuous delivery of the most valuable work.
  2. Welcome and manage change. It happens.
  3. When work can be broken up and delivered in smaller (but valuable and usable) chunks, do it.
  4. Work directly with your customer daily throughout projects.
  5. Use motivated individuals. Given them the environment, support and trust to thrive.
  6. Face to face conversation is still the most effective method of conveying information.
  7. High business value is the primary measure of success.
  8. Work should be sustainable.
  9. Give continuous attention to excellence.
  10. Maximize the amount of work not done.
  11. The best work emerges from self-organizing teams.
  12. Regularly reflect on the past and make adjustments.

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